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Maxi dresses.


Maxi dresses.

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Sunhat girl

I may never get over this

I really want this hat.



Sunhat girl

I may never get over this

I really want this hat.

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  • person: so where did you learn html?
  • me: not.... neopets...
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“It scared me. I thought I was in free fall,” he said. “These kids are just playing—they’re playing all day, they’re playing all week, they’re playing for years.”

Then he got to understand the school’s philosophy: Play can be an essential way to learn, and “here was an example where people weren’t using that as a platitude. It was purely operational. It was protected; it was championed; it was made room for.”

“These kids…seemed centered, they seemed emotionally less stressed, they seemed terribly sophisticated in how they could talk, and they were willing to immerse themselves in subjects like chemistry and classical literature,” he said. “They were some of the best students I’d ever encountered.”


No Books, No Classes, No Problems: These Students Teach Themselves

There’s some good stuff here, but if I never have to see another headline including “no books, no classes” in relation to unschooling or other self directed learning, I will be a happy Idzie (not to mention the “teaching themselves” thing. *Sighs*)! 

Also, while the projects mentioned may have taken inspiration from unschooling, from the description they’re not fully unschooling. That’s fine, but this article isn’t super clear about there possibly being a difference. I also didn’t like this bit: “self-directed learning isn’t for all students, particularly those who he says are ‘over-institutionalized,’ have emotional issues, or have a strong need for structure.” *I* have “emotional issues,” at least by my definition of the phrase, and I’m quite happy I unschooled! Self directed learning IS for everyone, I believe, just in different ways for different people (i.e., some kids will be happier in a freeschool type situation than unschooling, some kids will want someone to help them hash out and plan a very structured “curriculum” to follow, etc.). This is the second time this week I’ve been bothered by seeing people seemingly implying that people with mental health issues/emotional issues shouldn’t be unschooling parents or unschoolers themselves. This is not pleasing me!

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Ritual Axe

  • Dated: late 19th century
  • Culture: Tibetan
  • Medium: iron, gold, silver, black lacquer
  • Measurements: overall lenght 64.1 cm

The crescent-shaped axe head is decorated with bats amidst cloud scrolls framed by a geometric border and issuing from the jaws of a makara dragon. The shaft is decorated in silver, gilt and black lacquer with the bajixiang (the eight Buddhist emblems) reserved on a sectional wan ground between the faceted base and bats alternating with shou character roundels.

Source: Copyright 2014 © Bonhams

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Dean Ellis - As on a darkling plain, 1974.


Dean Ellis - As on a darkling plain, 1974.

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Thomas Moffett, Animalium Theatrum (Theatre of Insects); Insectorum sive Minimorum Animalium Theatrum; Thomas Cotes for Benjamin Allen, London, 1634.

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These whimsical images come from the mind of Louis Crusius, a physician and artist who was born in Wisconsin and later moved to St. Louis, Missouri.  The Antikamnia Chemical Company used Crusius’ images in a series of calendars they published from 1897-1901, which they sent to physicians who could prove their medical standing.

The company, whose name means “opposed to pain,” was known for manufacturing a patent medicine called Antikamnia tablets.  Like most patent medicines of the time, the ingredients in the tablets could have ill effects - the tablets contained acetanilide, which could cause cyanosis (a condition in which the skin becomes blood due to insufficient oxygen).

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[Hellboy: The Wild Hunt]

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"My hole remembers"

Gay porn is funny for this reason alone

omfg I’m dying

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