Chat 5 Apr 2 notes An awful conversation I had with someone this weekend:
  •  [I was working tech at a show for a children's theatre this past weekend, and I came out to strike the set at the end of the play. I was really stressed, really exhausted, really depressed, and really, really unhappy when one of the child actor's father came up to me and we had the following. He's very unenthusiastic.]
  • Dad: Are there two shows tomorrow?
  • Me: No, but there is a cast party, and that will till 3:45, and I *think* the show starts at this time, so I *think* call is this time...*rambles for a moment*
  • Dad: Uh-huh. Super-duper. I think the cast party is the best part.
  • Me: Ha, yeah. Except then the play ends, and you don't see anyone for months and months, and it's really sad.
  • Dad: That's not true. You see them all the time, summer, fall...
  • Me: Oh, I don't go to school here.
  • Dad: Where do you go?
  • Me: Well, I live *insert other town here*, but I don't really go to school. I'm sort of homeschooled, but -
  • Dad: Oh, well, if you live there, I guess homeschooling is better. Those schools are terrible, everyone drinks and gets into trouble -
  • Me: Heh, yeah, I guess the schools in *my town* aren't the best. I have many, many thoughts on the school system, but now...isn't...really...the time...[I start to kind of trail off, try to smile and walk away]
  • Dad: [smiles nastily] 'Thoughts on the School System from Someone Who Doesn't Actually Go There.'
  • Me: [I cannot believe what he's just said to me in a nasty way. I kind of give him a disbelieving half-smile.] I went there for a few months, and I have a sister there, and many friends who go to school, and I do a lot of research and -
  • Dad: [Rolls eyes. Says super sarcastically:] Super-duper.
  •  [I had to walk away. I'm shaking as I recall this. Just...ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. I can't even explain how angry stuff this makes me. I didn't take a 'normal' path through education, so obviously I don't know anything. I really wish I had said something nasty back, but I just couldn't function anymore.]
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